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Damai Putra Group Collaborates with Dozens of Banks to Encourage Millennials to Purchase Property

Friday, March 8 2024

Property seekers aged 25 to 34 years old, or those belonging to the millennial generation, are becoming key players in the ability of the community to purchase property. Millennials have become a major force in the growth of the property sector. Therefore, Damai Putra Group has partnered with dozens of banks to encourage millennials to buy property by collaborating in property sales, as the majority of current home purchases still utilize Home Ownership Credit (KPR) facilities.

Alim Gunadi, CEO of PT Damai Putra Group, said, "Property growth in 2024 will be marked by the emergence of new trends that adapt to the dynamics of the property market, such as the increasingly widespread digitalization of marketing to capture millennial consumers. In line with this, portfolio development continues to be carried out by Damai Putra Group to promote better property growth, especially in the eastern corridor of Jakarta, followed by innovation and ease of purchase through collaboration with well-known banks to encourage Generation Z and millennials to #saatnyabeliproperti".

Damai Putra Group offers partnership schemes with dozens of banks to facilitate millennials buying homes by providing bank interest rates starting at 2.6%. "We hope this collaboration runs smoothly and mutually benefits both parties, and the cooperative relationship between Damai Putra Group and the banks becomes stronger," said Binsar Pandiangan, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Damai Putra Group.

Damai Putra Group, as one of the largest property companies in Indonesia with over 42 years of experience, continues to develop to meet the needs of quality housing and profitable investments. It has created various quality residential and commercial areas in Jabodetabek, Central Java, and East Java. As the developer of Kota Harapan Indah, Damai Putra Group offers property products in strategic locations in East Jakarta, connected to 5 toll roads such as Toll Pulo Gebang, Toll Bintara, Toll Bekasi Barat, Toll Kelapa Gading, and Toll Cakung—alongside an extensive public transportation network encompassing Transjakarta, Damri, KRL, and MRT (future development). A mere 25-minute commute to the city center affords residents unparalleled mobility and convenience in pursuing their daily activities.

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